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JVA Wall-Top Stays

Stays are used to stabilize, strain and corner wall-Top brackets, they are available in black or white powder-coated and HD galvanized.

JVA Wall-Top Wire

Your choice of Wall-Top wire can depend on cost or location, in this video we discuss the JVA Wall-Top wire range

JVA Wall-Top Tentioners

Specialized tentioners are used when tensioning 1mm – 1.6mm wire, this video demonstrates the different Walltop wire tentioners in the JVA range.

JVA Wall-Top Brackets

We have a well-equipped steel fabrication factory and powder-coating plant. These facilities enable us to quickly and economically manufacture our standard, or custom-designed, wall-top brackets.

JVA Z-Ring Insulator

JVA Ring insulator three-tear design maximizes the arcing gap between the electric wire and the bracket ensuring very little chance of shorting of the fence.

JVA Wall-top Insulators

The 10mm Round bar and Anti twist flat bar insulators are very popular choices of wall top fencing installations. The flat bar insulator can also be used on square tubing brackets as well.

JVA Y-Standard Insulator

Y standard insulators are easily inserted into pre drilled metal stays for intermediate posts along the fence line. A pin lock system ensures a quick easy to install and maintain insulator.

JVA Strain Insulators

The JVA Strain insulator is commonly used on the opposite end of the wire from the tensioner attaching the wire to the post.

JVA Combi Tentioner

The JVA Combi Tentioner is a ratchet tentioner, insulator and lion clamp combined into one easy to use tentioner.

JVA Gate Strain, Combi Bobbin

The JVA Gate Strain, Combi Bobbin is a versatile multi Bobbin used in high end wall top installations, Off-Set fencing and Combi tensioner.

JVA Off Set

The JVA Off-Set Bracket, off sets an electrified wire strand from an existing non electrified fence. It comes in single double or triple variations depending on your needs

JVA Maxi Tweaker

The Nylon Maxi Tweaker is a unique JVA strain, insulator combination for use in security fencing installations. A lock ratchet system ensures a quick secure strain application using the JVA Multi tool.

JVA Multi Tool

Introducing the 3 in 1 JVA multi tool. Designed to assist you with JVA installations.

JVA Bracket Coating

JVA Wall top Brackets can be Powder coated or Hot dipped galvanized to protect them from the elements, ensuring a long lasting quality finish. This video is a quick overview to the different methods, high lighting the benefits the coating provides to the product.

JVA Rolled Profile stay

The Rolled Profile Standard can be used to reinforce palisade fences, or as a light, intermediate, freestanding standard.

JVA Big Hole Y-Standard

This strong, custom manufactured, standard has larger holes punched through it to take the plastic Pop-Em and JVA Y-Standard insulator.With the Pop-Em insulator, the wires run through the Y-Standard which makes it difficult to push them apart.

The JVA Y-Standard can be used as intermediate supports for security and wildlife fences.

JVA Drilled Free Standing Strain Post

The JVA Free Standing Posts have pre drilled holes 10mm apart for S-Hooks when attaching the JVA range of Wire Tensioners.

JVA Angle Iron Strain Post

Also known as a L-shaped cross-section.

JVA Z-Range Lightning Diverter

The Z Range JVA Lightning Diverter will divert the current away from the Energizer if a sudden surge is experienced form a lightning strike to the fence.

JVA Z-Remote Control

The JVA Remote Control is a handheld remote control used for arming and disarming.

JVA Fence Beeper

Economical key holder tester, which, when held in close proximity to a working electric fence, responds with a loud beep

JVA Fault Finder

The JVA Electric Fence Fault-Finder is a 2-in-1 tool designed to display fence voltage and current. It will also lead the user quickly to the location of the fault on an electric fence

JVA Installation JVA Perimeter Patrol Software

A how to video that demonstrates all the necessary steps to successfully install the JVA Perimeter Patrol software.

JVA Perimeter Patrol Configuration

How to configure the JVA Perimeter Patrol software to the custom set up of the site needs.

JVA Mapping the Perimeter Patrol

How to create a custom Map for the JVA Perimeter Patrol, and how to mark the zones and sectors on it.

JVA Perimeter Patrol User Set Up

How to add users that are able to interact with the JVA Perimeter Patrol, giving them different rolls and accessibility functions within the program.

JVA Perimeter Patrol Email and Alarm Setup

How to add custom mail addresses for the notification of alarms and reports in the JVA Perimeter Patrol set up.

JVA Perimeter Patrol Overview

VA Perimeter Patrol can be used to quickly view the status and voltages of electric fences and devices; alert and email the user when the fences, gates or other devices need attention; arm and disarm electric fences according to a custom schedule and remotely access electric fence systems. Icons representing the energized zones are positioned over an image of the site map. Status and voltage information from the zones throughout the site are updated in real time from a remote or central location.

JVA Touch Keypad

The JVA Touch Keypad is the most intuitive keypad for the setup, control and monitoring of all Z series security energizers and monitors. Get your site set-up quickly by programming your devices via the touch screen interface. Quickly arm or disarm all or individual zones via pin protected buttons

JVA Mb Range Wireless Control

The New MB8, MB12, and MB 16 IP Energizers® have 8, 12, and 16 Joules output energy respectively and can now be controlled anywhere in the world using your mobile phone App.

In this video we will show you how to enable the WIFI capabilities of your energizer and how to link it to your App.

JVA Agricultural Energizers

From the baby Pet100 through to our WIFI controlled IP Energizers , we take a look at our range of JVA Agricultural Energizers discussing their features and benefits to best suit your farming needs.

JVA Perimeter Patrol Activation

How to activate the JVA Perimeter Patrol once the software has been installed on your system.

JVA Z Range 4 Line Menu Driven LCD Keypad

The JVA 4-Line LCD Keypad is an integral component in the JVA Security Electric Fence product range. Providing a centralized interface between the Customer and their Perimeter Security Solution; it displays the current condition of each security device connected and can draw attention to adverse fence conditions. The keypad is used to control individual fence Energizers, Monitors or the entire site.

JVA Security Energizers

In this video we look at the JVA Z Range of Security Energizers, un boxing of a unit, the internal components and basic installation.

JVA ZM1 Monitor

The ZM1 is designed to be coupled with any standard electric fence energizer to power and monitor an electric fence.